Who Makes Black Diamond Air Compressors?

When selecting the right compressor for your home garage or performing small jobs, there are a lot of things you should see including the brand. There are a number of brands available in the market that are competing with one another to give high-quality, durable, and best-performance air compressors. Black Diamond is one of the big brands that manufacture reliable compressors that last for longer times. Some brands manufacture compressors themselves and some have acquired different popular compressors brands and sell under their names. As customers want to know everything about the compressor they also want to know who are the actual makers of these tools. Here in this article, we will tell you who makes Black Diamond air compressors, their performance, durability, price range, warranty, & others that help you to clarify everything about Black Diamond that is it is a good brand or bad. 

About the Brand Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a well-reputed brand that is known for its high quality and outstanding performance tools. The brand serves both residential and commercial sectors with a wide range of tools and equipment. From home garage to heavy industry level the brand offers durable tools that operate for a longer time. 

Black Diamond proudly sells Air compressors and their tanks, fans, generators, water pumps, pressure washers, log splitters, and wet & dry vacuums. The brand has a big name at the industry level for making reliable stationary compressors with giant tank sizes. Also, Black Diamond backs their products with a good warranty plan. 

Manufacturers of Black Diamond Air Compressors

Black Diamond air compressors are a favorite among American DIYers, homeowners, contractors, automobile detailers, painters, and many other jobs. Customers love these compressors because of more features, durability, and easy operations. Black Diamond offers both portable and stationary compressors that give users options to choose portable for moving the unit and stationary to keep it in one place. They are also available in two styles vertical and horizontal so if you have less space in the home garage or workshop then you can choose the vertical style compressor option from Black Diamond. 

Serving the air compressor market for years, Black Diamond believes that every user should experience the perfect compressor that performs best in every type of job. Black Diamond doesn’t manufacture air compressors themselves, they are manufactured by Sanborn MFG. Sanborn compressor manufacturing division is located in Springfield, Minnesota, USA. 

Black Diamond has manufactured a number of compressors by considering the job type. Let’s know what type of compressors they have:

  • Black Diamond 8-Gallon Wheelbarrow Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 9 Gallon Wheelbarrow Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 15 Gallon Vertical Portable Air Compressors
  • Black Diamond 20 Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 20 Gallon Vertical Portable Air Compressor 
  • Black Diamond 30-gallon Vertical Portable Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 30 Gallon Truck Mount Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 60 Gallon Vertical Stationary  Air Compressor (3.7 RHP)
  • Black Diamond 60 Gallon Vertical Stationary  Air Compressor (5RHP)
  • Black Diamond 80 Gallon Vertical Stationary Air Compressor
  • Black Diamond 80 Gallon Vertical Stationary Air Compressor (5 RHP)
  • Black Diamond 80 Gallon Vertical Stationary Air Compressor (7.5 RHP)

These are the units offered by Black Diamond, you have a variety of options to choose from. If you are an industry owner and want to operate multiple pneumatic tools smoothly then you can use an 80-gallon stationary air compressor. Similarly, if you run an auto workshop then a 20 to 30-gallon compressor would be enough for performing the tasks.

For DIYers or home garages, if you want to run impact wrenches, sanders, painting guns, and other pneumatic tools then Black Diamond’s 8 to 20-gallon compressor will be a great and right choice. 

Are Black Diamond Air Compressors Good or Bad?

A brand’s good or bad quality is considered by what type of products they are manufacturing and what is the customer response. Similarly, Black Diamond is checked by the quality of products and what customers say about their air compressors. Good compressor brands also provide a long warranty with air compressors so the customers can run them without any fear. Whereas, the brands with only the intention of making money don’t provide any warranty plan and support to the customer. 

Black Diamond is the top air compressor brand that you can rely on because it delivers what it claims. Their air compressors are performing best in every field. They are durable and have many other features that we are going to discuss here. 

Build Quality

Diamond air compressors are manufactured with high-quality cast iron to enhance the durability of the unit. As the units are built to be used for many years cast iron material is used in making the tank, & other parts. Cast iron protects the unit from moisture and rust. If the compressor gets rust on any surface, you can easily scrub that part and remove the rust. It is also safe from inside the tank because when the air pump sends hot air in the cool tank, the air instantly gets cold and results in moisture. The inside moisture can also destroy the tank and create leaking issues, but cast iron material prevents rust. Its build quality is one of the main features that make Black Diamond compressors special.

Powerful Motor

The compressor performance mainly depends on the motor, if the motor is weak or of less Horsepower then it will slow down the pressure building and your project completion speed. If the unit has a stronger motor installed, it will run quicker, build pressure faster and speed up your job work. Black Diamond has installed motors depending on the size of the tank and job types that need to be done. The compressors with 8 to 30-gallon tanks have motors installed of 1.6 to 1.7 hp. Similarly, a heavy-duty compressor with a tank size from 60 to 80 gallons has a motor installed of 3.7 to 5.5 hp. 

Compressors with strong and big horsepower motors help in the quick recovery of the tank and deliver air to a number of pneumatic tools at a time. 


Black Diamond has all the air compressors oil lubricated, which means you need to do the proper oil lubrication to run the units smoothly. There is an oil level indicator given on the compressor that identifies the oil level left in the unit. You have to check the oil level regularly before using the compressor, if the oil level drops below the minimum point then you have to add suitable oil to it. Black Diamond compressors will cost you extra on regular maintenance compared to others that are not oil-lubricated. But, for a long hours job, getting strong airflow, and for the industrial level, they are the best option. 


The brand Black Diamond has an affordable price range for air compressors as compared to the market. The brand has aimed to serve customers with normal-priced air compressors so they can do their jobs smoothly.  They don’t have any intention to compromise the quality by reducing their prices. That’s why Black Diamond charges competitive prices for their product so everyone can easily buy it. 


Whether you want to buy a 60-gallon or 8-gallon Black Diamond air compressor you will only get 2 years limited warranty on the purchased products. The company says, in this time span if your compressor becomes defective or any part becomes faulty then you can approach the company and claim the warranty. The warranty will help to get a free replacement or repair. 


Black Diamond compressors are great if you are searching for the best oil-lubricated units. Their compressors need proper maintenance for smooth functioning and charge you extra costs. If you are a beginner then you have to hire a professional for the maintenance that also takes a fee. Currently, many small businesses and heavy industries are using Black Diamond air compressors and are happy with them. If you are going to buy these compressors then you can go for it without any worry. 


Where to Buy Black Diamond Compressor Parts?

Black Diamond compressors are not widely available in online stores. If you want to buy their replacement parts then you have to visit the official Black Diamond website or contact their customer support. 

Is Customer Support of Black Diamond Compressors Good?

Yes, Black Diamonds customer support is very good and we had a great experience with them. We approached them with some queries, and they responded within 24 hours and answered our questions. You can contact them through email or call them directly.

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