Who Makes Dayton Air Compressors?

If you have a home garage own an auto workshop, run a construction business, do painting work, or are a DIY lover, you need an air compressor to perform different tasks. Both good and bad compressors are available in the market but only experts know which brand is selling good or bad. Currently, there are a number of brands available in the market that are selling high-quality air compressors and winning customer hearts. Dayton is one of the best brands that provides high-quality pneumatic tools. In this article, we will learn about who makes Dayton air compressors, parts information, their types, warranty details, & other information.

History Of Dayton Electric

Almost 86 years ago a company came into being named Dayton Electric Manufacturing Co in 1937. The company first started manufacturing bench grinders because these tools were at their peak at that time. Many workshop owners are purchasing bench grinders and that’s why Dayton started making them to capture more market. W. W. Grainger was a trusted and biggest dealer of Dayton Electric, they realized that Dayton was performing excellently in the market and had a huge satisfied customer base. The journey continued and after 29 years, in 1966 W. W. Grainger purchased all shares of Dayton Electric and started manufacturing and selling products under their own license. 

Dayton is having a tough time with its competitors by making high-quality power tools. They are also famous for manufacturing arc welders and sump pumps. 

Who Makes Dayton Air Compressors?

Dayton air compressors are one of our favorite compressors that helped us to complete hundreds of woodworking projects. They are manufactured by W. W. Grainger purchased Dayton Electric in 1966. Now, Grainger is producing and selling Dayton compressors without compromising the quality. You can buy both oil-less and oil-lubricated compressors from the Dayton brand at affordable prices. 

Types of Dayton Air Compressors

Dayton has a wide variety of air compressors that serve different industries to perform light-duty to heavy-duty tasks. Here are the following Dayton compressor types that have been manufactured till now: 

Dayton 2Z157B Air Compressor

Dayton 2Z157B compressor comes in horizontal style with a green-colored big-sized tank. This is a very reliable tool that can run multiple tools at a time. It is an oil lubricated unit and if you want to operate it smoothly then you have to properly lubricate the unit. 

Dayton 2Z866 Air Compressor

Dayton 2Z866 is an oil-lubricated compressor that also has a horizontal-style tank. This compressor is best for performing medium-duty jobs because its giant tank can store higher pressure for long hours. This unit is also portable, it has two rubber tires attached to the tank, and you can move it easily by holding the handle given. Dayton 2Z866 is a very good choice for home garages, workshops, and DIY projects. 

Dayton 5F236B Air Compressor

Dayton 5F236B is a belt-operated air compressor that also uses oil for proper functioning. As it is an oil-lubricated compressor you have to do extra care which also charges you regular maintenance costs. This unit is very heavy and difficult to move, some machinery is required if you want to change its place. These types of units are installed in heavy industries to operate multiple air tools at the same time. It has a 10 HP strong electric motor that helps in filling the tank in less time. Overall, this unit is best for heavy-duty tasks, industry owners can purchase it. 

Are Dayton Air Compressors Good?

Dayton compressors are the most reliable compressors available in the market. They provide the best performance, deliver high airflow, and require less maintenance compared to other compressors in the market. They have air tools with different tank sizes including 20-gallon, 30-gallon, 60-gallon, & 80-gallon. Dayton not only provides good compressors to their customers, but they also provide the best customer support. So, if any of the users face issues related to the product they can get complete guidance from the support. 

How To Lookup Dayton Compressor Serial Number?

If you have a Dayton air compressor and it’s one of the parts got bad, you don’t know about the name of your compressor, a serial number will help. If you have no idea where you can look for a serial number on your unit then we are here to help. The serial number helps to find replacement parts for the compressor, if you want to repair your unit then the serial number will help the mechanic to identify the model of the compressor. 

You can easily find the serial number yourself on the Daytonair compressor. Just look at the backside of the compressor tank. There will be a sticker attached where the general details about the compressor are provided. On the top of the sticker, you can read the model number and below it, the serial number is mentioned. 

For example, we have a Dayton 4B228E 20-gallon compressor. Its model number is 4B228E and the serial number is L7/20/06 – 00012. This way you can easily look up the serial number. 

Where to find Dayton Air Compressor Parts?

Many Dayton compressor users face difficulty while finding parts for their units because they are not easily available in online stores. Only a few online stores have those parts, you can buy Dayton compressor parts from Amazon, Trade Korea, Grainger, eBay, AS pneumatic, & others. The parts include Bush, Check Valve, Connecting Rod, Hose, Hose Fitting, Motor, Nozzle, Valve Plate, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Compressor Regulator, Safety Valve, Temperature Sensor, and Wheel Tires. 

Dayton Air Compressor Warranty Information

Dayton is always committed to providing the best quality compressor to their customers. They always recommend doing regular maintenance of their compressor to use it for longer times. Dayton provides a 1-year warranty on all the air compressors, which means if your unit faces any issue, or its parts get bad then you can contact support to get a free replacement. But, Dayton has some conditions in this warranty, they will not entertain the free replacement if the tool is overused or abused. If you think there is a manufacturing defect or you received a Dayton compressor with something broken, then you can contact customer support, and they will provide a free replacement to you. 

You can also get a lifetime warranty on all Dayton products, just contact their customer support, and they will provide a Lifetime warranty by charging some cost. 

Last Words

Grainger, the manufacturer of Dayton air compressors, continues to serve the power tools industry with the best quality compressors. You can use their 20-30 gallon air compressor to perform medium-duty jobs and 60-80 gallon compressor to do heavy-duty tasks. Many workshop owners prefer to buy Dayton 80-gallon compressors because they can deliver stronger airflow that can operate multiple pneumatic tools at a time. So, if you are considering purchasing Dayton compressors then go for it, it will be a good investment.

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