Who Makes Magna Force Air Compressors?

Do you want to know who makes this? Let’s explore this brand more closely and the key facts about it.

Magna Air Force compressors are essential tools that can be used for many purposes, like power air tools, spray paint, clean surfaces, and many other things. Compilers, car shops, homes, and other places use these air forces.

Who Makes Magna Force Air Compressors?

Campbell Hausfeld is a well-reputed and powerful brand in the tool industry that manufactures Magna Force air compressors. With their experience in their field, Campbel Hausfeld created the best popularity in the market of air compressors.

The durability of their air compressors enables them to withstand demanding working tasks. Through this durability, magna force air compressors have a long lifespan, and people can use them frequently without any problem.

Campbell Hausfeld’s air compressors perform very heavy-duty tasks and deliver outstanding results. This company is specially designed to provide high-quality air compressors for heavy duties.

Magna Force Air Compressor Reviews

Now it’s time to review those Magna Force air condensers. Because it’s evident before buying this, you have to inspect the goods. When you check those compressors, you see the pros and cons.

Magna Force compressors get positive reviews from most customers across significant retailer sites. They are rated 3.5 to 4.5 out of 5 stars generally. So let’s dive to review the positive and negative points in it:


  • Powerful airflow helps tools work well.
  • Stable construction and long life
  • Some models are quiet to use.
  • Easy to operate and keep up
  • Dependable service, even when used often
  • Good deal for the price


  • Some types with oil-lubed pumps need more care.
  • Easily gets too hot when used for a long time.
  • Compared to premium brands, they have shorter warranty terms.
  • Quality control isn’t always the same, and some units have problems.
  • Not strong enough for very tough jobs

Magna Force is an excellent mid-level name for general home and shop use but may hold up poorly in harsh industrial settings. It’s a good idea to check your unit carefully and sign up for the guarantee.

How To Operate Magna Force Air Compressors

After knowing the benefits, here are some tips on how to use Magna Force fans the right way:

  • First, put your compressor on a flat, stable surface at least 12 inches away from all sides so it can breathe. If you are using it outside, keep it out of the weather.
  • Make sure the power source is strong enough. Magna force air compressor is a specialized 15-20A 120V circuit or ethanol-free gas for electric units.
  • Before turning on the compressor, ensure all the connections are tight and there are no leaks. Before service, let the air out of the tank.
  • Open the drain valve often, especially after a lot of use, to eliminate condensation that can cause rust in the tank over time.
  • Allow enough time for the machine to cool down, and don’t go over the duty cycle. If you hear knocking sounds, turn it off right away.
  • Checking the oil level, changing the belts, and other steps specific to your model are in the instructions. Follow the maintenance plans.

Following these basic safety rules, you can use your Magna Force air compressor safely and get the most out of it.

Magna Force Air Compressors Manual

All Magna Force compressors come with an owner’s manual that you should read carefully before operating because it has essential safety tips and information about using and maintaining your unit.

Some of the most important things that are talked about in the Magna Force compressor instructions are:

  • Diagrams and explanations of the parts of an air compressor
  • How much power it needs, how much it can put out, and what it has
  • Safety measures and possible dangers
  • Location and airflow need to be right
  • Step-by-step ways to turn on and turn off and how to check the pressure gauges and read them
  • Getting rid of moisture and cleaning the air filters
  • Changing the settings on a pressure switch
  • Putting oil on parts and changing the oil (on types that use oil)
  • Checking belts, changing them, and tightening them
  • Fixing problems like lack of pressure, strange sounds, etc.
  • Tasks and plans for regular upkeep
  • Service and support for a warranty

Magna Force Air Compressors Price Details

Magna Force sells compressors for prices in the middle of the price range. Here are some prices for new Magna Force compressors that are close to the MSRP:

  • Portable fans for 1 gallon cost $100 to $130
  • 1-2 gallon portables cost between $120 and $200
  • 5 to 6-gallon portable: $180 to $250
  • $320 to $400 for a 10-gallon stand
  • $650 to $900 for a fixed 20 to 30-gallon
  • $1200–$1700 for a fixed 60–80 gallon tank

But prices depend on your buy. So don’t worry, you can get a discount on that price. Magna Force compressors are priced relatively for how well they work, making them a cheaper choice than premium brands.

Magna Force Air Compressor Parts

Magna Force compressors are made with standard bits and components that are easy to find if you ever need to replace them. Here are some of the best extra parts to have on hand:

  • An air filter is essential because this will help to replace the air entry filter so that dirt and other debris don’t get into the compressor. Magna force air compressors can also help the generator run longer through this air filter.
  • Now, the pressure switch is the critical safety feature that turns on and off the compressor when the pressure hits the upper or lower limits. A broken one can lead to dangerously high pressure.
  • Keep extra drive belts with you on hand for piston compressors powered by straps; you can change them when they wear out.
  • Make sure you have extra pressure gauges if the one on your tank breaks or gives you the wrong numbers.
  • If the drain valve is jammed or broken, condensate won’t be able to drain, and the tank will rust. Prepare spares.
  • If the pressure gets too high, this lets it out. Safety valves keep explosions from happening and should be replaced as directed by the maker.

Having these essential spare parts on hand in case of wear, damage, or failure can make your Magna Force compressor last much longer and save you money on repairs.

Features Of Magna Force Air Compressors

These Magna force compressors come with several functions and options. So you can keep these characteristics with you while choosing Magna force condensers. They are:

●    Oil-free Design

So many small to midsize models have gears that don’t need oil, so you don’t have to pay for or deal with oil changes.

Lightweight and Portable

Their portable is so lightweight, so you can easily hold them anywhere from 1 gallon to 6 gallons, and they have solid wheels and handles.

Available Power Choices

Depending on where you live, you can choose a type with an electric motor or a petrol engine.

Alterations in Pressure

The highest pressure for DIY models is 135 PSI, and the most elevated pressure for high-output professional versions is 175 PSI.

●    Air Delivery

On larger models, airflow can go up to 18 CFM, which lets you use tools that need a lot of air. For occasional use, smaller compressors give out between 2.5 and 6 CFM.

●    Level of Utilisation

Their stationary compressors can run for a long time because their ratings for continuous use range from 50% to 100%, based on their size.

Range of Plugs

There are multiple ranges of plugs, but two air plugs let you power more than one tool simultaneously. Some of the bigger ones have air ducts built right in.

●    Level of Noise

Their “quiet” compressors are between 78 and 80 decibels, while their regular compressors are between 85 and 90 decibels.

Magna Force compressors are a good choice for homeowners and professionals who need air power and efficiency in the middle of the range.


Finally! The answer to the question “Who Makes Magna Force Air Compressors?” is a highly regarded name in the market named Campbell Huasted. 

To get the best performance and most extended life out of something, you need to follow the instructions for using and caring for it. Overall, Magna Force is a good air compressor name with reasonable prices.


1.    Are Magna Force Air Compressors A Good Brand?

Magna Force is considered an excellent retail compressor brand for compilers and homes.

2.    Do Magna Force Air Compressors Have A Warranty?

Most Magna Force models come with a guarantee of one to two years. Register your goods for the warranty, covering problems with the materials or how they were made. The length of a contract varies by type and by store.

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