Who Makes McGraw Air Compressor?

Hey You! Do you need to be more well aware of the McGraw air compressor? Who Makes McGraw Air Compressor and how it works?

McGraw Air Compressor, produced by Harbor Freight Since 1977, is known as a good name in the industry. Initially, the company name was “Harbor Freight Salvage,” but now it is recognized by “Harbor Freight Tools”.

Let me clarify with McGraw Air Compressor, including its pricing, parts, manufacturers, etc. So stay with us.

McGraw Air Compressor Producers

Harbor Freight Tools company is famous for making McGraw air compressors, which are lightweight and people use for different kinds of tasks like inflating items, nailing, cleaning, etc. This Harbor Freight Tools company has more than 1200 stores that are working right now. 

It started approximately 40 years ago as a family-oriented company, making 40 billion customers happy by providing exceptional products and tools.

Harbor Freight started selling the McGraw air compressors between the end of 2018 and the start of 2019.

After revealing this range of air compressors, it gained numerous appreciated reviews from people because of their high quality and being built well. 

McGraw Air compressors are much more comfortable than other options, from buying, using, and maintaining.

Where Are McGraw Air Compressors Manufactured?

You can get your McGraw air compressor from Harbor Freight Tools company, which is famous for this tool. Here are the details if you want to get yours.

Harbor Freight Customer Service

Address: 3491 Mission Oaks Blvd., Camarillo, CA

Contact: 93011-5034

Harbor Freight Customer Service: 1-888-866-5797

Timings: Monday to Friday: 5:00 am to 7:00 pm (PST)

Email: parts@harborfreight.com

Website: https://www.harborfreight.com/

Also, you can find their store locally by going through this website.

McGraw Air Compressor Review

Before any product, tools, or anything, we are all concerned with “Is it worth the money?”.

Therefore, I’ll show some of the multiple factors that are enough for you to decide whether it has any worth.

Oil-Free Compressor

Oil-free compressors are much safer than oil-lubricant compressors as they deliver clean and contaminant-free air. Many people like this feature because it benefits food, electronics, and medical facilities.

Better Quality

High-quality McGraw is the main feature that will significantly help Harbor Freight Tools company generate several customers. Air compressors with good quality are less likely to damage and reduce frequent repairing of their parts.

Air Intake Filter

This powerful feature is critical in air compressors; fortunately, McGraw air compressors have this particular function. With an air intake filter, the compressor’s internal components remain safe and protected, and your compressor will operate more efficiently.

Safe To Use

Air compressors which are well-designed are always easy to use. Mcgraw Air Compressor is very easy to use as it is well-made and will protect you from harsh accidents.

Large Rubber Wheels

As you know, air compressors are large and heavy. Moving these compressors from one place to another is not a piece of cake. The large 8-inch rubbers are very helpful for carrying it across various locations.

Customers Support

The best thing about buying a McGraw Air Compressor from Harbor Freight is that they will assist you after you buy it. Even if the warranty is over, you can still feel free to ask and get any help accordingly.

McGraw Air Compressor Problems

As you know, all the machines can’t operate well all year round. Some of the problems people face with McGraw air compressors should be addressed. The following list will clear all your queries related to this compressor.

Vacuum Problem

This vacuum problem you will face, like the tank of the compressors will not fill up appropriately, and leads to issues with pressure fluctuations. If you find a situation like this, you can also contact the company.

Inconvenient Sounds

At times, you may face some noises from the McGraw air compressor. However, it operates without producing any sounds. If you encounter any sound similar to a rattling sound, it is because of some nuts and bolts loosening.

But if the sound is similar to a grinding sound, check the motor, as this problem often causes this sound.

Air Leakages

Lastly, the air leakage you might face in the compressor. If you feel any unpleasant sound, immediately track the leakage part once you trace the part work and fix it as soon as possible.

McGraw Air Compressor Parts

McGraw Air compressor consists of many technical parts. Some of the most important will be listed below for you to be aware of the compressor appropriately.

  • Coupling Assembly has an essential role, and it is used to transfer power and motion within different parts of the compressors.
  • Safety Valve releases the air pressure from the tank if the pressure reaches a level that could be dangerous. It prevents the tank from excessive air pressure.
  • Cooling Fins are specially designed to monitor the temperature of the compressor while operating. Maintaining the temperature is crucial, as it can cause overheating, too.
  • The capacitor Bracket is a part of the compressor’s motor. While operating, the capacitor bracket provides extra electric energy to start and perform well.
  • A pressure Regulator is also available in the McGraw air compressor through which you can control and adjust the air pressure according to your needs.

McGraw Air Compressor Pricing Details

McGraw air compressors are recognized for reasonable prices. So don’t worry about the pricing, but the main thing is to select the suitable compressor according to your needs. There are many air compressors with different PSIs available on Harbor Freight. 

The 20-gallon air compressor with 135 PSI costs $199 to $239.

The 21-gallon air compressor with 175 PSI costs $248 to $259.

McGraw Air Compressor Manual

Indeed, a Manual is a document provided by the producers of the air compressors with necessary information regarding the operation, guidelines, security, and many more. It also involves warranty details, technical approach, and detailed information about the parts of the compressor.

Also, if you misplaced the manual, you can directly visit the Harbor Freight site and download the available PDFs.


To Sum up “Who Makes McGraw Air Compressor,” there is no doubt that Harbor Freight produces high-quality and well-built air compressors. They are doing well to satisfy and provide the best services to their customers.

Along with long-lasting air compressors, they are also safe to use. They have a variety of air compressors available according to the needs at very reasonable prices.


Are McGraw Air Compressors Available Online?

You can purchase McGraw Air compressors online through Harbor Freight’s official website. Also, you can visit their store directly.

Is McGraw A Good Air Compressor?

McGraw air compressor is also included among all the best brands of air compressors. It is known for its good quality and durability.

What Are the Best Air Compressor’s Brands?

Here are the following:



Ingersoll Rand

California Air Tools


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