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Welcome to Aim of Tools, your online spot for everything about tools. This is a definitive online platform meticulously crafted for professional tool users, tradesmen, and enthusiasts.

We believe that every professional deserves access to the best industry insights, detailed tool reviews, comprehensive guides, and timely news updates. Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of content that is not just relevant but tailored to meet the demands and solve the challenges of the modern-day tradesperson.

If you need to know about a tool, we’re here to help.

Our Story

It all began with a simple idea: to create a unique space where professionals could find genuine reviews and industry updates about different types of tools.

Founded by Locus Smith, a seasoned professional who identified a glaring gap in the market, Aim of Tools has transitioned from a modest blog to a beacon of authority in the tools industry.

Throughout our journey, we’ve reached some significant milestones. From gaining recognition as one of the top tool review sites to establishing partnerships with renowned tool brands, Aim of Tools has become synonymous with trust and quality.

Our success is not just measured in numbers but in the countless professionals, we’ve empowered, educated, and guided. So, if you are looking for trusted reviews or guides on how to use a specific tool, you are welcome to just the right place you should be.

Our Mission and Objectives

At Aim of Tools, our mission is clear: To be the most trusted source of tool reviews, guides, and industry news. We aim to bridge the gap between tradesmen and the rapidly evolving world of tools. Through detailed analysis, expert opinions, and an unwavering commitment to accuracy, we endeavor to provide content that stands up to the rigors of professional demands.

Meet the Team

Behind every great venture, there’s a team of dedicated individuals, and Aim of Tools is no exception. While we are graced with numerous esteemed content writers making immense contributions to the platform, allow us to introduce the team leads that guide the ship:

  • Locus Smith – Found and CEO

He started it all! Locus Smith is our founder and main editor. He’s the reason Aim of Tools exists and is the guide for our journey

  • Dammy Ajas – Our diligent content manager

Dammy ensures every article, review, and piece of information meets the gold standard of quality we set for ourselves. Thanks to him, you can trust what you read here.

Daniel Shaw – Social Media Manager

Spearheading our social media endeavors, Daniel’s prowess ensures our presence is not just limited to our website but echoes across the vast digital space. If you have come across informative content on our social media platforms, then you have certainly experienced the magic of Daniel.

  • Sophia Grace – The brilliant content strategist

Sophia’s ability to weave strategies ensures that our content remains engaging, relevant, and always on point.

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Welcome to the Aim of Tools family! Be ready to learn, explore, and immerse yourself in everything tools!