Who Makes Ridgid Air Compressors?

Air compressors are needed by every DIYer, construction site worker, workshop owner, gas station, painter, barber, running agriculture machinery, and power tools. Anyone who does the job with compressors wants it to be run for more extended hours so they can complete their tasks. Also, they desire to have a unit that is reliable, durable, & operates for longer times. A variety of brands are available in the market that sell high-quality compressors, and Ridgid is one of them. So, in this article, we will tell you about who makes rigid air compressors, their different varieties, durability, price, & warranty information. 

Who Makes Ridgid Air Compressors?

Ridgid has been the most popular brand for years for making over 300 different types of tools, including power and pneumatic tools. The company works for customer satisfaction rather than selling more products and earning millions. This brand was founded in 1923, exactly 100 years back, but they always maintained their quality. 

Ridgid continued its legacy of producing top-quality tools; later, Emerson Electric Co. acquired Ridgid in 1966 and started selling all the products under their license. Ridgid air compressors are manufactured by Emerson Electric but sold under the brand name, i.e. Ridgid. 

The brand also manufactures other tools, including drills, different saws, blowers, sanders, inflators, nailers, vacuums, hand tools, pipes, wrenches, & many others. Ridgid fully backs its tools and provides customers with many facilities like returning or exchanging tools if unsatisfied or if the tool they received needs to be fixed. 

Types of air compressors made by Ridgid

Ridgid does not manufacture air compressors in different varieties; for years, they have only made portable pancake, twin-stack, and tri-stack air compressors for different jobs. Let’s know about these types in detail: 

Portable pancake air compressor

Portable pancake air compressor
Portable pancake air compressor

Ridgid’s portable pancake air compressor has a 6-gallon tank to smoothly operate all the pneumatic tools. The unit can deliver an airflow rate of 3.5 SCFM at 40 PSI and 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI; you can fill a maximum pressure of 150 PSI in the tank. With this strong airflow and high pressure, you can operate two tools at a time. The main benefit of this unit is it is oil-free and does not need regular oil lubrication for proper functioning. This way, it helps to reduce the maintenance costs and give you the best performance. Ridgid 6-gallon pancake air compressor is the best choice for kitchen projects, finishing tasks, contractors, & trimming projects. 

Twin stack air compressor

Twin stack air compressor
Twin stack air compressor

This air compressor from Ridgid comes in a unique style; it has twin tanks that enable it to store more pressure. Ridgid’s 4.5-gallon twin tank compressor helps to do long-hours tasks effectively. One of the prominent features of this unit is that it can provide a maximum pressure of 200 PSI. That means if you are on a job site, you can run this tool longer. The compressor can provide a strong air flow rate of 5.1 SCFM; this helps the workers run multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously. 

It is a portable compressor with wheels attached at the bottom; you can take this unit to a construction site, workshop, auto garage, and any place you want. 

This twin-tank compressor is an excellent option for construction projects, paint spraying, nailing, & other jobs. 

Tri-stack air compressor

Tri-stack air compressor
Tri-stack air compressor

Ridgid tri-stack air compressor has a 5-gallon tank to power up your projects. This unit comes with a tri-stack feature to provide maximum pressure. It can provide a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and a high airflow rate of 4.9 CFM at 90 PSI. The compressor has an oil-free pump that helps save your regular lubrication costs. On the job site, this unit performs best by quickly filling the tank and running multiple tools at a time; this directly helps to complete the project on time. With its normal weight of 77 lbs, you can easily pick it up through the handle at the top, making the unit more portable. 

But the bad news is the Ridgid tri stack compressor was discontinued because it could not succeed due to frequent maintenance issues reported by users. Customers are spending more money on repairs, but problems still exist. Currently, it is unavailable in the market, so you cannot buy it from anywhere. 

Are Ridgid air compressors good?

We have a perfect experience with all the compressors made by Ridgid. Last year, we purchased a pancake and twin-stack air compressor for some woodworking projects. These units performed outstandingly and helped us to finish many projects. We didn’t spend extra bucks on these compressors, but we kept doing regular maintenance for better health and high performance. 

The compressors are durable and made of high-quality build material. The units were exposed to the rain a couple of times, yet they showed no signs of trust. 

Ridgid took extra care in designing these compressors, enhancing their portability to ensure anyone can easily transport them to any location. On the price side, these units are affordable compared to others available in the market with the same specifications. Overall, Ridgid compressors are the perfect choice for purchasing a high-performing unit with the best features. 

Ridgid Compressor Warranty Details 

Ridgid also takes responsibility for its products by providing a yearly warranty so customers can fearlessly operate the tool. On both units, 6-gallon pancake & 4.5-gallon twin stack air compressor, Ridgid provides a 3-year limited warranty. This means within the time frame of 3 years, you can get replacement or repair fixed if your compressor starts operating poorly. This doesn’t mean you start abusing the tool and getting a free replacement. During the replacement or free repair process, the company checks everything, and after getting the original cause, they grant free replacement. For more details, you can email them or call. 


Being one of the best compressor makers in the market, Ridgid always tries to serve customers with durable and normal-priced products. They think customers should not need to pay every time to purchase or maintain the right compressors. That’s why they made high-quality units so customers can purchase at once and run longer. You must consider their units if you are looking for a compressor for medium-duty tasks. 


Where to buy Ridgid air compressor parts?

Many online stores like Amazon, eReplacement Parts, Fix, Acme Tools, Home Depot, & the brand Ridgid itself are selling air compressor original parts. You can easily buy any of them, but you must do a price comparison before purchasing. 

Does Rigid really have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Ridgid is offering a lifetime warranty for their products, which means if the tool starts malfunctioning or gets bad, you can get a replacement or repair at any time for free. There will be a one-time or yearly fee for the lifetime warranty; you can contact customer support to inquire more about this warranty. 

How do I claim my rigid air compressor warranty?

Claiming a Ridgid compressor warranty is very simple and easy. Just go to the Ridgid official website and contact their customer support. You must be the original buyer of that product. Provide the product purchasing receipt to the team, and they will ask for more information. After all the process, they will grant a warranty to your product. 

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