Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors? Discover The Manufactures And More

Are you looking to buy a good air compressor? Must think about Kobalt Air Compressor. We can understand that in a market full of air compressors, it is difficult to choose the right one for you. But no worries, we are here to help you!

Kobalt Air Compressors are super reliable, efficient, and top-rated air compressors. They are widely used in various industries. These air compressors are known for their efficiency and durability. If you are considering buying Kobalt air compressors, you must know who makes Kobalt Air Compressors and its reputation, types, and more. So, let’s find out who makes Kobalt Air Compressors.

Kobalt Air Compressors are manufactured by a well-known and reputed brand named Lowes. This company has been operating for more than 100 years. They make a range of power tools but are primarily known for Kobalt Air Compressors. Lowes teamed up with another company called J.H Williams back in 1998 to start making these compressors. These air compressors are popular for home usage and also for industrial purposes. 

Kobalt is a name that people really trust when it comes to good compressors. The aim of Lowes behind these compressors is to make something innovative and reliable that people can trust. Moreover, Lowes also wanted to compete with other big brands with something more inventive than their products. And guess what? They did it! They are making top-notch products that people really like and appreciate. 

Want to know more about Kobalt Air Compressors? If yes, stick with us and keep reading to know everything from the types of Kobalt Air Compressors to their maintenance. Let’s get started!

12 Types of Kobalt Air Compressors

There are a total of 12 types of Kobalt Air Compressors. Each type has its unique features and uses. Here we have listed these 12 Kobalt Air Compressors with their model numbers and have explained their features to help you decide which one is best for you;

Model No 3332644

These are single-stage air compressors with a tank capacity of 26 gallons. They also have two wheels for easy movement. So, you can easily move these air compressors anywhere. They have strong and powerful motors of 1.8 horsepower. Instead of batteries, they require electric current to operate. They are best used for spray guns, nail guns, and air tools.

Model No 3320447

These are also single-stage air compressors. They have ultra-quiet technology for noise-free operations. They have a two-stack tank with a capacity of 3.4 gallons. They have a maximum pressure of 150 Psi. These air compressors have an oil-free pump with a 1hp motor. They are used for a variety of tasks.

Model No 0300842

These Kobalt Air Compressors are horizontal and single-stage. They have a tank of 8 gallons. They also come with a handle and two tires to move them anywhere easily. They are used in both homes and industrial sectors.

Model No 3300244

They are hot-dog-shaped air compressors with an air storing capacity of 2 gallons. They are super silent and have a sound rating of around 60 dBA. They provide quick power with an amperage of 5.7. They are also lightweight, around 20kg. So you can easily lift them wherever needed. 

Model No LK3197

It is also a hot-dog-style air compressor. They are very lightweight and easy to carry. Their maximum weight is around 12 kg. It has a tank size of 3 gallons. It operates on 120 Voltage with a pressure of around 150 Psi. It is specially designed to lift it around easily.

Model No LK20175

These are large-size air compressors. They have a big tank of size around 20 gallons. They have a single-stage compressor. They provided maximum pressure of 175 Psi. They are also noise-free and provide smooth operations. They are also used for heavy tasks in industries.

Model No XC602000

This Kobalt Air Compressor has 2-stage functionality. They are multipurpose and have a big tank size of around 60 gallons. They are best for heavy tasks such as drilling, painting, grinding, nailing, and more.

Model No 0332041

These are also single-stage air compressors. But they are in an all-black design. They have an average size tank of around 20 gallons. They are suitable for various tasks like spraying, sanding, and roof nailing.

Model No 0332641

It is a vertical shape air compressor with two wheels for easy movement. Its tank size is 26 gallons, and its maximum pressure is 150 Psi. It is suitable for power tools like finish and framing nailers, painting, impact wrenches, etc.

Model No XC302000

These air compressors are best for long-hour jobs. They can run up to 5000 hours. So you can use them for extended hours. They have two-stage functionality and a tank of around 30 gallons size. They are best used for heavy tasks. 

Model No 0120242A

This model is a portable Kobalt Air Compressor. They have a tank of around 2 gallons. They are extremely lightweight, around 10 kg. They are suitable for filling sports balls, blowing pool floats, dusting, and waste.

Model NoXC802000

This model of Kobalt Air compressor is used for heavy duties. They have a large tank of around 80 gallons. They are also very heavy and weigh about 185 kg. They are versatile and can be used for various purposes. They are commonly used for nailing, painting, airbrushing, drilling, bolting, spraying, sanding, and cutting tasks.

Model NoDescriptionTank SizeIdeal Uses
3332644Single-stage with 1.8HP motor and 2 wheels26 galSpray painting, nail guns, air tools
3320447Single-stage, twin stack with a pressure of 150 psi4.3 galFor quiet operations
0300842Single-stage with handle and two tires8 galSpry guns and other small tasks
3300244Small tanks with 5.7 amperages2 galFor small tasks
LK3197Hot dog style, single-phase, and pressure of 150 psi3 galFor tasks that require easy movement
LK20175Single-stage with a pressure of 175 psi20 galFor heavy tasks
XC6020002-stage60 galMultipurpose for various tasks
0332041Single-stage with an all-black design20 galSpraying, sanding, nailing
0332641Vertical shape, max pressure 150 psi, and two wheels26 galPower tools, painting, impact wrenches
XC3020002-stage and runs up to 5000 hours or more30 galFor long hours of task
0120242APortable, 2-stack, and lightweight2 galSports balls, pool floats, blowing dust
XC802000Big tank80 galStapling, nailing, painting, cutting, and more

Maintenance of Kobalt Air Compressors

Just like other compressors, Kobalt Air Compressors also need regular maintenance for optimal working. By providing routine maintenance, you can increase their efficiency and longevity. After proper research, we have made an easy and effective maintenance schedule for your Kobalt Air Compressors. Let’s have a quick peek at this easy-to-follow schedule;


Draining Compressor TankMust Drain the Tank Daily
Checking Oil LevelOnce Per Day
Checking Air FilterOnce Per Week
Changing OilChange Oil Every 3rd Month
Checking the Tightness of the BeltOnce Per Month
Cleaning of UnitOnce Per Month
Checking Safety ValveOnce Per Week


PRO TIP: When your compressor runs for about 50 hours, change its oil. Likewise, after every 3 months or 200 hours, change the oil again. This helps your compressor last longer and work better.

Warranty of Kobalt Air Compressors. How To Register For Warranty?

Kobalt Air Compressors are known for their longevity and reliability. You can use them for many years without any issues or trouble. But if you face any trouble, you can use the warranty. Like other brands, Lowes also provides a warranty to repair or replace the air compressors if you find any issues with them. 

With every compressor, its warranty is mentioned in its specifications. You can also extend this warranty by contacting the company. Using the warranty, you can get free repair or replacement of your faulty compressor. Here are the six types of warranties provided by Lowes on Kobalt Air Compressors;

  • 90 Days Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty

These warranties are easy to use. If your air compressor is faulty, you just need to visit the nearby Lowes store. Then show your warranty card and share the details. The company will provide you with the new compressor without any cost. 

Now you might wonder How To Register For a Kobalt Air Compressor Warranty. Here is an easy-peasy method to register for a warranty;

  • Visit the Lowes service center or call their support.
  • Let them know which warranty you want to register.
  • Consider choosing a Lifetime warranty for worry-free tool use.
  • If any issues arise, just contact their support, and they will immediately fix the problem.

How To Find Serial Numbers on Kobalt Air Compressors?

Knowing the serial number of your Kobalt Air Compressor is very important. Whenever you need to repair the air compressor, you need to provide the serial number to the service providers. Here is a quick and simple method to find the serial number of your Kobalt Air Compressor;

  • Find the sticker on the compressor tank for the details.
  • Find a number like (AS77444) on the sticker; this is the serial number.
  • Also, look for another number, like (99007 – VLK1582609), which is the model number.
  • If the sticker is missing, call the helpline for assistance.


PRO TIP: After buying the air compressor, take a photo of the serial number sticker and save it. It will help you save the information and immediately get the repair and warranty. 

Customer Support Details

Lowes provides excellent customer service. You can contact them anytime to get any repair service or ask for any query. You can also visit the nearest Lowes service center. To find the nearby Lowes service center, you can use Google Maps. Here are the details you need to contact them;

  • Phone Number: (1-888-3KOBALT)
  • Email: customercare@lowes.com

Final Words!

In conclusion, Kobalt Air Compressors are manufactured by a well-reputed company named Lowes. Lowes has been making amazing and powerful tools for more than 100 years. It collaborated with another company named J.H Williams in 1998 and started making these compressors. The company is known for its commitment to manufacturing innovative and reliable products. 

Kobalt Air Compressors are the most reliable and trusted products of Lowes. Lowes manufactures 12 different types of Kobalt Air Compressor. Each type has its unique features and usage. Some air compressors are good for homes, while others are ideal for large-scale industries. 

Remember, like other tools, Kobalt air compressors also need proper care and maintenance. If keep these air compressors with proper care, you increase their effectiveness and longevity. If you face any issue in the working of Kobalt Air Compressors, you can repair or replace them using the warranty card. 


  • Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors?

A company named Lowes makes Kobalt Air Compressors. Lowes teamed up with another company called J.H Williams in 1998 and started making these compressors.

  • Are Kobalt Air Compressors Manufactured in the USA?

Yes, Kobalt Air Compressors are made in the USA. They are also available in other markets like Canada and Mexico. 

  • Where to Find the Parts of Kobalt Air Compressors?

You can find the parts of Kobalt Air Compressors at your local Lowes store.

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