Who Makes John Deere Air Compressors?

I’m sure! All of you know the famous company “John Deere.” But Do you know Who Makes John Deere Air Compressors? Or does John Deere make their air compressors on their own? Or do they hire different partnerships with other companies to produce the John Deere air compressors and sell them with their Name?

John Deere air compressors are made by John Deer company. Also, Several John Deere air compressors were created by VMAC. 

Let’s explore the air compressor details, features, pricing, locations, warranty, Manuals, and more.

Who Makes Air Compressors for John Deere?

A company, VMAC, makes a few air compressors for John Deere’s company. With over 25 years of experience, VMAC specializes in making different mounting kit sets for different companies, and their original engine manufacturing team makes several John Deere air compressors.

However, not all the compressors are owned by VMAC. John Deere is a well-known air compressor company, and all their equipment and machinery are created with high-quality components.

Their tools, services, and overall reputation are top-rated.

In 2017, John Deere air compressors that run on gasoline engines had seven different types. Some of these are portable and can easily be moved from one place to another.

How To Operate John Deere Oil Compressors?

To use the John Deere oil compressors, read all the instructions in the operating manual before use. 

  • Before your first use, run the air compressor at 0 tank pressure with the drain valve fully open for 30 minutes.
  • After this, ensure that the pressure switch level is off. Plug the power on and then move the pressure switch lever to the on position.
  • Set the pressure by adjusting the pressure regulator.
  • Connect the air hose to the coupler.
  • After finishing using the John Deere oil compressors, move the level of the pressure switch to off.
  • Drain the air from the tank by pulling on the safety relief valve, and that’s all.

Where Can I Buy The John Deere Air Compressor?

Buying the John Deere air compressors directly from their official website is easy. Some distributors or retail stores, like Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc., also offer these air compressors.

A variety of sizes of John Deere air compressors are displayed for you. All you need is to determine which size of air compressors you require.

They offer stationary or portable air compressors. Once you decide on your John Deere air compressors, buy them online or from the John Deere dealership.

Best John Deere Air Compressor Features

Some of the fantastic John Deere air compressor features are listed below, which will help you better understand this famous air compressor.

Oil Less Compressors

The oil-free air compressors do not require oil lubrication in the compression process; John Deere air compressors are among them. It requires low maintenance and also has a good impact on the environment.

Compact Portable Air Compressors

John Deere air compressors are specially designed to be lightweight and portable. This feature means the compressor can easily be moved to any other location. 

Perfect For Small Jobs

With John Deere air compressors, you can do small tasks that do not require high power or compressed air. These small tasks include inflating tires, simple DIY projects, pneumatic tools, etc.

Small Air Tools

You can operate small air tools with John Deere air compressors such as Brad nailers, air die Grinders, air chisel, air impact wrenches, etc.

High-end Wheelbarrow

The compressors also have a high-end wheelbarrow designed for professional or heavy duties. You can move your air compressor quickly, even on uneven or rough surfaces.

New John Deere Air Compressor Models For Sale

Some of the latest John Deere air compressors are listed below:

  • HR1-2Q
  • HR1-20Q
  • HR1-5E
  • HR1-20E
  • PR1-8GM
  • PR2-8GM
  • AC1-5GH
  • AC1-8GH
  • AC1-20GH
  • AC2-20GH
  • AC2-20GHS

John Deere Air Compressor Contact Details

To contact the John Deere company directly, go to their official website and tap the Contact Us option. Select the contact information according to your place, as they exist in over 30 countries.

If you need to be aware of their website, here are more addresses available.

Deere & Company World Headquarters
One John Deere Place

Moline, IL 61265

T: 1-800-533-6446


John Deere Compressors
1000 Cass Drive

Clayton, OH 45315

Phone: (937) 540-1141

Fax:(937) 540-1157

How Many Warrantys Have On John Deere Air Compressors?

John Deere air compressors offer two years of warranty. But only some of the John Deere air compressors have come up with two years of warranty as it depends upon the model or the year of the compressor.

Most of the compressors are with only one year of warranty too. They will repair your compressor if it is damaged or stops working within a year.

Make sure you buy the John Deere air compressors with a warranty. They will give you a receipt while purchasing the compressor. You will need to keep that receipt in a safe place, as without this, you can’t claim anything regarding your air compressor.

John Deere Air Compressor Manuals

Every John Deere air compressor has a manual so that the user can efficiently operate the air compressor. They add these specifically designed manuals inside the box of related air compressors.

If you misplace that manual, then don’t worry. On John Deere’s official website, you will find PDFs of every model’s manuals that you can download and get the instructions.


I hope you will enjoy exploring the article and get the answer to “Who Makes John Deere Air Compressors.” They offer air compressors of different sizes and with unique features.

Small tasks can be quickly done, and people love how John Deere air compressors operate.

They are very convenient and user-friendly. Also, they have a warranty, So John Deere air compressors are the best option in the market.


Who Makes John Deere Company?

It’s an American company created by Deere & Company, especially for manufacturing agricultural equipment.

Is There Any Problem With John Deere Air Compressors?

One major problem with John Deere air compressors is that they heat up too quickly and shut down. Also, many people complain about the league problem of air pressure.

John Deere Air Compressor Price?

The John Deere air compressor price may depend on the size and model of the air compressor. Every air compressor has a different price because of its features and the tasks for which they are made.

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