Who Makes Husky Air Compressors?

These best husky air compressors are specially designed for various tasks by Home Depot. “Home Depot Corporation” is well-known for home improvements in the USA and Canada.

So, in this article, you will get to know every aspect of husky air compressors that will help you better understand. All the pricing, warranty, and different models will be mentioned here. Also, you will know the best features of husky air compressors and how they work.

Let’s dive into it.

Who Sold Husky Air Compressors?

Well-known company Home Depot sells Husky air compressors. Ted Decker In 1978, the company was founded. Home Depot is a perfect option for people who want to buy reasonably priced, high-quality air compressors. This company is the most significant home improvement retailer in the USA and Canada.

Their home improvement tools are very well-known and extensive. Home Depot helps customers make homemaking unique and innovative with their best products.

Different Types Of Home Depot’s Husky Air Compressors

At Home Depot, there are various types of husky air compressors that they introduce after every few years.

Some models and product models may change at times, but the most common, with good customer reviews of husky air compressors, are available.

Portable Husky Air Compressors

These portable air compressors of various sizes are specially made for easy and comfortable transport. The compressors have wheels and handles that make it more convenient to use. Portable husky air compressors are used in various tasks like inflating tires, cleaning, etc.

Hot Dog Husky Air Compressors

These compressors are in hot dog shape. It comes with a horizontal cylinder tank and can be moveable easily. These compressors are used predominantly for sports equipment, hobbyists, etc.

Stationary Husky Air Compressors

Compared to portable husky air compressors, these are more powerful and large. They can’t move to another place and can stay in only one place. You can perform your heavy-duty task with stationary husky air compressors.

Vertical Husky Air Compressors

Vertical husky air compressors stand upright and take less floor space. These compressors are user-friendly and made with high-quality components. You can do your daily tasks with these convenient compressors.

Pancake Husky Air Compressors

Pancake husky air compressors are flat tanks and minor in size. The people who use small air tools and nail guns have an excellent choice to use these compressors as they are easy to carry and store.

How To Get Husky Air Compressors Easily?

As you know, Husky air compressors are manufactured by Home Depot, and you can buy them easily from its local store near you and the official website.

Home Depot is the right choice if you are looking for a reasonable compressor. Across North America, there are more than 2300 stores available for you.

Here are some of the most common addresses that might be helpful for you.

USAIn Atlanta2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE H
USAIn Austin1300 Park Center Dr
CanadaIn Toronto400-1 Concorde Gate
MexicoIn San Pedro Garza GarcíaRicardo Margain #605 Colonia Santa Engracia

Husky Air Compressor Reviews

Every product and device has unique features and key points to make them more unique and innovative. Here, I will discuss some of the fantastic and essential characteristics of husky air compressors that make this air compressor different from others. Also, many people appreciate this air compressor by the following features.

Extremely Quiet Compressor

It means that the husky air compressor operates with very minimal sound levels. Its compressor’s voice while operating is equal to zero. Many people want an air compressor like this. For example, they want a silent working environment in work offices, homes, and workshops. 

Light Weight Aluminum Tank

The air compressor tank is made up of aluminum, and as you know, aluminum is a very lightweight metal. Also, the overall body of the air compressor is light and can be transported easily.

Oil Free Maintenance

The best thing about a husky air compressor is that it does not require oil lubrication while operating. People like this feature as it saves time regularly checking and maintaining the Oil properly.

Easy-To-Read Pressure Gauges

They design the pressure measuring equipment so people can easily adjust the air pressure according to their needs. These gauges are user-friendly, and you can monitor them without any trouble.

Are Husky Air Compressors Worth Buy?

Yeah, Husky air compressors are worth buying, and you can get them at a reasonable price from Home Depot. But make sure to purchase the air compressors according to your needs. Only some of the air compressors are for every task.

You should select and invest in the right and needed one. All the compressor’s prices are according to their features and use. For example, You can get an oil-free 20-gallon Vertical husky air compressor for $279 and a 30-gallon for $323.

Husky Air Compressors Warranty Details

Warranty means that the company facilitates repair if the customer finds any problem with their tool. Husky air compressors come up with various warranties so the customer will get benefits at any time, whenever they need them.

  • In 1 year warranty, the company your tool will replace by the company in the case of damage, defect, or does not work correctly. They will do it for you only within a year. After a year, you will pay for it.
  • In 2 years warranty, same is for this warranty too. Inform the company, and they will repair your device without spending anything.
  • With a three-year contract, if you are unsatisfied with your tool, you can utilize the option and get a new one to replace a defective one.
  • The best warranty is a warranty of 5 years, and you have maximum time to get your tool repaired or even ask for another new one in replacement.

Are Husky Air Compressors Any Good Enough?

If you want lightweight and well-known air compressors, then Husky is good. A variety of husky air compressors with various tasks are available. But we can’t say that husky air compressors are perfect ones with zero flaws. 

Husky air compressors are only good if you need the air compressors just for a few hours. Otherwise, if you want a long-term use air compressor, then observe the other ones.

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors For Home Depot?

Many people think that the company Home Depot that sold the Husky air compressors also made them. But it needs to be more authentic information. Husky air compressors are made by a particular factory named “Campbell Hausfeld” which manufactures these air compressors.

As the air compressors change their manufacturing factories, it is possible that in the future, Home Depot will also replace their air compressor manufacturers with another.


In wrapping with “Who Makes Husky Air Compressors.” I will recommend you buy the best air compressors for you from Home Depot.

Many people like them Because of their high quality and well-known features. All the Husky air compressors also come up with significant parts and warranty. These compressors are suitable for professional and regular use.


Is Husky A Good Air Compressor?

Husky air compressors are made with high-quality components. As they are reasonable and durable air compressors, Husky compressors are good enough.

What Is The Maximum Life Of A Husky Air Compressor?

Husky air compressors are famous for their quality and lifespan. You can run these air compressors for years.

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