Who Makes Eagle Air Compressors?

In the market, there are different types of air compressors available depending on the job and how customers can use them. DIYers, workshop owners, construction site workers, and others who want to perform light to medium-duty tasks prefer a portable air compressor so they can change positions easily. Similarly, heavy industries that want to perform heavy-duty tasks, need a stationary compressor that runs multiple tools at a time by sitting in one place. Eagle is one of the best air compressor brands that manufacture both portable and stationary air compressors to serve all types of customers. So, if you want to know the complete details about this brand and who makes Eagle air compressors, then stay here and read the guide. 

About the Brand Eagle

Eagle is famous for producing top-quality air compressors with a long life span. They are very popular in the USA and Canada for giving excellent performance and come at affordable prices. Eagle compressors are already winning the market, and their sales are increasing day by day. Later on, Wood Industries, Inc. in 2009 acquired this brand and started selling compressors with the same quality and warranty facility. 

The brand Eagle offers 3 different quality air compressors to target customers with less budget, medium & good budget. Eagle introduced an air compressor with less quality under the brand name Ironhorse. These compressors are perfect for people who use compressors significantly less, twice a week or 4-5 times a month. Also, this brand compressor has only a 1-year limited warranty. 

Similarly, in the medium budget range, Eagle air compressors come to the market with good performance and quality. These units run for longer times and require less maintenance. DIYers or project owners who want to frequently use the tool, Eagle air compressors are the best options. Eagle compressor also comes with an extended warranty of 2 years. 

Last, Eagle introduced high-budget air compressors known for high quality and excellent performance; they are branded as MAXAIR compressors. Maxair compressors are built to last long; you can use them for long hours to finish the job. These units are secured with an extended 3-year warranty, so you can get free repair or replacement if the compressor gets bad. 

Who Makes Eagle Air Compressors?

Eagle air compressors are manufactured by Wood Industries, Inc. This is a company based in Belmont, Mississippi, USA. From the time they purchased the Eagle compressor, they didn’t compromise the quality of the air tools and never increased prices. They have been selling Eagle compressors with the same and improved features for many years. Eagle has manufactured several air compressors; let’s know what type of units they manufacture.

Types of Eagle Air Compressors

Eagle brand has several air compressors depending on the tank style, tank size, & HP. Let’s know about these in detail:

Eagle Air Compressors By Style

Eagle has manufactured a wide range of compressors with different styles; we have mentioned their name below:

  • Portable
  • Single Stage 
  • Two Stage
  • Truckmount air compressor
  • Twin Stack
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Silent Series

You can get these styles of Eagle air compressors designed for specific jobs. From all of them, we loved the silent series the most because they operate very silently without disturbing ears. 

Eagle Air Compressors By Tank Size

Tank size is essential if you will perform light or heavy-duty jobs. Eagle air compressor has targeted every customer by manufacturing compressors for small jobs to heavy industry use. We’ve mentioned the tank sizes below:

  • 1 Gallon
  • 4 Gallon
  • 20 Gallon
  • 24 Gallon
  • 30 Gallon
  • 60 Gallon
  • 80 Gallon
  • 120 Gallon

A 1 to 20-gallon compressor tank is the perfect choice for light to medium-duty tasks, and DIYers, painters, contractors, auto shop owners, & construction site workers can get an excellent job from these units. From 24 to 120 gallons, these compressors are used mainly by heavy industry, operating multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously or running different machines. 

Eagle Air Compressors By HP

The higher the horsepower in an air compressor, the more quickly you can refill the tank pressure. Eagle has air compressors with different horsepowers; we’ve mentioned them below:

  • 1 HP
  • 2 HP
  • 3 HP
  • 5 HP
  • 5.5 HP
  • 7.5 HP
  • 9 HP
  • 15 HP

A high horsepower motor gives more RPMs; more RPMs means the tank will take time to recover, and you can refill the tank within 2-3 minutes. This has an automatic effect on the speed of job completion. An air compressor with a 1 to 5-hp motor will be enough for regular and residential usage. Similarly, the Eagle compressor with motors 5.5 hp to 15 hp will work perfectly for industrial use. 

Are Eagle air compressors any good?

Eagle is a brand that manufactures air compressors with different quality; it all depends on your budget. If you have a good budget, you can buy a good air compressor that gives excellent performance, and if you have a low budget or are not a frequent user, you can buy an Eagle compressor with less quality. 

Eagle’s less-quality compressor is perfect for beginners who only want to inflate tires or run small pneumatic tools. But, for professionals, Eagle designed a high-quality compressor that runs for longer times and needs less maintenance. Also, Eagle low-budget air compressors have less warranty time than high-budget compressors. In our home garage, we use a high-budget Eagle compressor that operates smoothly and has worked fine for over 2 years. 

Warranty Information

Eagle has various air compressors, offering different warranty limits on each product. You can get 1 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year warranty on all Eagle compressors. Some units come with a 1-year warranty; if you want to extend it to 2 years, you can contact customer support. Similarly, if your warranty ends, you can quickly approach the company to extend the warranty time. Because a warranty is beneficial for a compressor, during use, if it starts malfunctioning and you think it is due to manufacturing default, then you can claim the warranty and get free repair or replacement. 


Eagle is the brand that thinks customers should use the compressor for a long time. Unlike low-quality brands with compressors that run for 7-8 months and start malfunctioning or any other issue. If you are related to any field or have a low or high budget, Eagle has every type of solution for you. You can check all their compressors according to your budget and purchase them without worry. You will also get an excellent warranty to make your product secure. 


Where are Eagle Air Compressors Made?

Eagle air compressors are manufactured in Belmont, Mississippi, USA. All of their plants manufacturing compressors are available there. You can purchase Eagle compressors from different distributors like Air Compressor Direct, Home Depot, Acme Tools, & others. 

What is the decibel rating for Eagle silent air compressors?

Eagle has a 1-gallon ultra-silent air compressor that produces significantly less noise of 4 dB while operating. If you are a person who hates noise and needs a compressor that can do light-duty tasks, then you must consider this one. 

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