Who Makes Goodyear Air Compressors?

In the world of pneumatic tools and equipment, Goodyear is earning a good name. They have been selling high-quality, innovative, and durable tools for many years. Goodyear is mainly famous for manufacturing top-quality tires, but it not only makes tires but also makes a wide range of tools, including air compressors. Goodyear compressors are one of the most durable and quality compressors in the market. They are available in the market at affordable prices and limited warranty. But do you know who makes Goodyear air compressors? Here, in this article, we will know all about the makers of Goodyear compressors and why they are so good, what is the product warranty and much more.

About Goodyear

Goodyear is known for manufacturing high-quality and durable tires that last for longer times. Almost 125 years ago, this company was founded by Frank Seiberling in 1898 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Frank has a strong knowledge of rubbers and innovation; he always keeps working to find ways how we can improve the product. 

The company Goodyear got this name from an American chemist, Charles Goodyear, who invented vulcanized rubber. At that time, the company started manufacturing carriages and bicycle tires, but later on in the 1900s, they started making automobile tires. The company believes in innovation; they became very popular after producing nylon tires, tubeless tires, & detachable rims. 

In both the First and second World Wars, the company provided a big support to the military by making tires and other tools. With time, the company kept improving itself and manufactured more good quality tires. Now, Goodyear is a global brand because they are serving their quality tires globally. 

Who Makes Goodyear Air Compressors?

Goodyear air compressors are famous for delivering smooth operations and affordable prices. Goodyear primarily makes tires that have a very long history, but they also make air compressors. Goodyear is not purchased by another big giant like Stanley Black & Decker or others, so they themselves produce the products. Goodyear air compressors are manufactured by Goodyear Tires company itself. They have manufacturing plants worldwide, but the main headquarters are in Akron, Ohio, USA. They offer a wide range of compressors depending on the required job. Currently, there are 6 different types of compressors available in the market according to their tank size. Read their names below: 

  • Goodyear 2-gallon air compressor
  • Goodyear 3-gallon air compressor
  • Goodyear 6-gallon air compressor
  • Goodyear 8-gallon air compressor 
  • Goodyear 10-gallon air compressor 
  • Goodyear 20-gallon air compressor

Are Goodyear Air Compressors Any Good?

Goodyear targets customers who want to do light to medium-duty tasks. Their air compressors are the best option for DIYers, home garages, tire inflation, painting jobs, dust cleaning,  construction sites, framing crew, sprinkler blow out, car detailing, cleaning pc, carpentry, & others. They are performing best in every field; from high-quality built materials and excellent performance, they are the best. Let’s know more about them in detail. 

Reliable & Durable

Goodyear air compressors are made with top quality material cast iron that is very durable and runs for longer times. It helps the compressor tank to prevent rust because the tank is the central part of the compressor; if it gets rust, then the compressor won’t function properly and will start leaking. So, to prevent you from this issue, Goodyear used the best quality iron to manufacture the tank. Also, the plastic used in the top assembly is of outstanding quality. The rubber tires installed in the compressor are also made of good quality rubber; it won’t wear off. If you are thinking of investing your money in a great compressor, Goodyear will be the best option for durable and reliable compressors. 

Beautiful Design

From pancake style to Hotdog, Goodyear manufactures a wide range of products that look good and give their best performance. Goodyear mostly makes vertical and horizontal air compressors with rubber tires and rubber pads for more portability. Compressors like 20-gallon and 10-gallon compressors in vertical style tanks, and only one air compressor comes with a pancake style tank, i.e., 6-gallon. Also, other remaining compressors have vertical-style tanks. 

High Performance

Generally, every business owner wants to complete their projects on time. Even if you’re a DIYer or want to use an air compressor at Home Garage, then you expect that a compressor should run quickly and build up pressure very fast. Goodyear has air compressors ranging from 2-gallon to 20-gallon compressors. From 2 to 10 gallons, this compressor is best for performing light to medium-duty tasks. Similarly, if you have a 10-gallon tank or more, then the motor will start running more quickly, and this way, you can complete any project with maximum pressure. You can smoothly use any Goodyear compressor, enjoy high performance, and get the job done on time. 

Affordable Prices

Goodyear knows about their competition in the market, and that’s why they provide the best prices on all Goodyear products. Goodyear has normal prices of air compressors as compared to the other big competitors in the market. The company complies with the quality if it offers some discounts and affordable prices. 

Warranty Details

There are different types of Warranty; you can get a Warranty of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and a lifetime. If you have purchased the product and it stopped working, then you can hire a mechanic or call customer support. The better option is customer support because Goodyear itself will help you to claim the Warranty. If you have a product that is running fine but starts creating issues, you can contact the support and claim the Warranty. If you think the product was creating issues at the time when you bought it, then you can call the Goodyear customer support team and get your Warranty. You can also extend the Warranty of any product by calling them or sending emails. They also have the option of a lifetime warranty that will help to secure your product for a longer life. 


For consistent work and budget-friendly compressors, Goodyear is the first option that you can choose. With a wide range of compressors in different tank sizes, you can choose anyone that suits your job. You can benefit from the product warranty and use the tool without fear of getting bad; the company will back the tool and provide you with a free replacement. You can go for this compressor if you have a low or medium budget; you won’t regret it. 

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