Who Makes Napa Air Compressors?

From inflating vehicle tires to nailing or running any pneumatic tool, an air compressor helps to make our work easier and quicker. If you are on an adventure and your car tire becomes flat, the compressor helps to air up the tire. Similarly, it speeds up the project by running multiple air tools like nailers, impact wrenches, sanders, spray painting guns, and others at the same time. 

The quality of a compressor also depends on the build material and the manufacturing brand. Here, we have an excellent compressor brand, Napa Air Compressors, committed to sound production and offering high-quality compressors to users. But, many users have a question about who makes Napa air compressors. So, let’s find the Napa compressor manufacturers and know if this is a good brand. 

About Napa Auto Parts

National Auto Parts Association (NAPA) is an auto part company founded 98 years ago in 1925. From the start, NAPA worked to deliver high-quality parts to the auto industry and has 6K+ stores all over the United States. It has produced more than 500K products, including mechanical equipment and tools, painting items, auto replacement parts, marine supplies, heavy-duty tools, & farm supplies. 

NAPA plays a big part in the auto industry by making premium quality parts and the majority of happy customer base. They are also famous for providing a good compressor that runs long. 

Napa Air Compressor Manufacturers

In today’s time, Napa compressors are one of the famous compressors in the market that come with high durability, strong build material, and provide high performance. They are known for their reliability and for delivering strong airflow to the pneumatic tools. Napa Air Compressors Inc. manufactures Napa compressors; no third company is involved in manufacturing these compressors. 

Napa manufactures various air compressors depending on the job type; let’s know what kind of compressor they’ve manufactured. 

Electric Piston Air Compressor

Napa manufactures 4 different types of compressors with electric pistons. These are made specifically for personal use, DIY projects, auto shops, & construction site works. The compressors available with electric pistons are 20-gallon vertical, 20-gallon horizontal, 60-gallon vertical with 2 hp motor and 7.4 cfm, 60-gallon vertical compressor with 3.5 hp motor and 12.9 cfm. 

Similarly, they are designed to give maximum performance, and finned intercoolers and aftercoolers are installed in them to prevent overheating and enhance working. The compressors are oil-lubricated, which helps to do long-hour jobs; they require less maintenance than other oil-lubricated compressors available in the market. They also give quiet operations and provide a 1-year warranty to the users. 

If you are looking for an electric piston compressor that can perform heavy-duty jobs, choose Napa’s units. 

Two Stage Electric Air Compressors (Medium-Duty)

Napa two-stage air compressors are specially manufactured for performing light to medium-duty jobs. They are the best option for home garages, car detailing shops, gas stations, and other medium-duty commercial jobs. Napa offers a 60-gallon vertical compressor with a 5-hp motor, an 80-gallon vertical compressor with a 5-hp motor, and an 80-gallon vertical with a 7.5-hp motor. You can choose anyone from these 3 units according to your job type. 

These units are also equipped with intercoolers and aftercoolers to keep the compressor cool during long-hour jobs and prevent the motor from burning. The oil lubrication enables the compressor to perform a solid job by running multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously. A single-phase motor installed gives a high speed of 1065 and 1300 rpm. You can consider these units if you need a compressor for personal DIY projects, auto shop, painting jobs, or construction works. 

Truck Mount Air Compressors (Gas Drive)

Napa cared for everyone in the industry; in many cases, there was no electricity in places, so it was impossible to power up the electric compressor. Here, Napa gas drive air compressor work that needs no electricity for tuning ON. They are great options for performing medium-duty jobs for a long time. 

These truck-mount compressors have a Honda power engine to run the compressor pump that builds the pressure. Napa truck mount compressors include units with different tank sizes, such as a 2×4 gallon horizontal compressor with Briggs & Stratton and Honda GX 160 engine. Similarly,  a 30-gallon horizontal compressor comes with Honda, Briggs & Stratton, & Kohler engines. 9 different types of Napa compressors come in truck mount style. 

They all have unique features installed, including intercoolers and aftercoolers that prevent the compressor from burning or overheating. For maximum durability and long life, these compressors come with cast iron cylinders that protect them from rust and dust. 

Heavy Duty Simplex Air Compressor (Industrial)

Napa manufactured these heavy-duty air compressors for performing medium to heavy-duty tasks like dry cleaning, auto shops, tire shops, mobile detailing and repairing, the food packaging industry, running automated machinery, and other heavy-duty tasks. These simplex compressors come in different tank sizes: 80-gallon horizontal and vertical and 120-gallon horizontal and vertical compressors. 

Heavy Duty Duplex Air Compressor (Industrial)

Napa heavy-duty duplex air compressors are made for heavy-duty jobs where there is a need for high and consistent pressure. These giant compressors have dual pumps and motors installed to quickly build up the tank pressure and provide higher airflow rates. Two types of tank sizes come in these duplex compressors, 120-gallon horizontal & 200-gallon horizontal, with different motor horsepower and airflow rates. Napa provides 2 2-year labor and parts warranty on these units. 

Are Napa Air Compressors Any Good?

Napa compressors are very popular in the market because they are available in a huge variety depending on the job type. Napa has these quality units if you need a compressor to perform small talk. If you need a compressor for your auto shop or painting or nailing tasks, then Napa also has a quality compressor that can do these jobs efficiently. 

Similarly, Napa offers compressors with giant tank sizes of up to 200 gallons and a solid air flow rate if you are an industry owner, contractor, or construction site owner. All Napa units have thermal protection technology that keeps the units cool and prevents overheating. Napa compressor users will get a warranty from 1 year to 2 years to make their products secure. They can get free repairs and replacements at any time without any cost. But, the condition is your issue will be genuine because some users abuse the tool and seek a warranty, but the company will not grant free repairs or replacement. 

Overall, Napa compressors are the best option for commercial and residential users. 


Whether you are looking for a compressor that can perform small or industrial operations, then Napa should be your first choice. They perform well and take less maintenance, which automatically saves you money. The top-quality build material will help the tank from rust, even if it is mistakenly exposed to the rain. You will also get an extended warranty to use the compressor without worry. Must try Napa compressors to complete your projects before the deadline. 

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