How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

In the hot summer days, everyone is exhausted from the scorching heat and wants to keep themselves cool all the time. Many people visit a water park to kick out the heat, but some prefer enjoying it in their home pool. If you have an inflatable pool and compressor available at home and don’t know how to use it for airing up the pool, then don’t worry; we are here to guide you. Let’s learn how to inflate a pool with an air compressor with our step-by-step handy guide. 

Right Air Compressor For Your Pool

Whenever you perform an inflation task, checking the compressor’s compatibility is compulsory. Because if the compressor is not compatible, it will make the inflating process extremely slow, or there may be the risk of getting bad. Before performing these tasks, you should check the CFM rate, PSI, & recovery time of the compressor. 

Usually, compressors with a maximum pressure of 150 psi and an airflow rate of 1 to 5 CFM will effectively and quickly inflate the pool without creating any issues. If you already have that kind of compressor, it’s perfect; otherwise, you can purchase a new one from the market. 

It is to be noted that large pools will take more to get inflated, and small kiddie pools take less to blow up. So, now you know about the suitable air compressor for inflating the pool, let’s learn the blow-up process step by step. 

How to Inflate a Pool With An Air Compressor? 5 Steps Guide 

Material Required

  • Air compressor
  • Inflatable pool
  • Extension Cord
  • Inflation Attachement
  • Glasses

Step 1: Keep Yourself Safe

Safety is everything; you should keep yourself protected while working with an air compressor because its high-pressurized air may contact your eyes and cause issues. So, we always recommend wearing glasses before using the air compressor. 

Step 2: Clean up the surface

Before inflating the pool, you must check the surface to see if it has a sharp or needle-like object and then quickly remove it. This will help the pool to keep safe from getting punctures or leaks. Also, check each part of your pool to find out if there are leaks or damages, and make this inspection necessary before inflation. If you find a leak in your pool, you can repair it with a professional. You do not need to worry if your pool is new; you can proceed. 

Step 3: Prepare the Air Compressor

If you are in your backyard and have a portable air compressor, then take it out. Connect the extension cord to the power source and keep it near where you want to place the pool. Plug the compressor power cord into the reliable electric power source and turn on the unit for building pressure. If you have a compressor with a 100% duty cycle, then don’t turn it ON. First, connect the compressor hose with a nozzle and attach it to the valve of the pool. 

Make sure the nozzle fits the size of the pool valve and attach it securely so it won’t leak any air. When it’s all done, proceed to the next step. 

Step 4: Start inflating 

Now, release the air from the compressor to start inflating the pool. Start inflating with low pressure and then increase it gradually; keep monitoring the pressure gauge and pool; if the pool is near full inflation, reduce the pressure. When the pool fully inflates, disconnect the compressor hose and quickly close the pool valve so it won’t release pressure anymore. Also, prevent overinflation because it may cause damage to the pool. 

At last, do one more inspection to check for any leak or damage to the pool. 

Step 5: Disconnect the Air Compressor

It’s time to disconnect the air compressor and store it safely. First, turn off the compressor and disconnect the power source, then store it far away from the pool to prevent any contact with water. So, you’ve successfully inflated the pool; enjoy your summer. 

Safety Tips During Pool Inflation

Inflatable pools have high chances of quick bursts due to overpressure building. So, follow our tips to avoid any damage to your pool.

  • Keep your eyes covered with glasses to avoid contact with high-pressure airflow.
  • During inflation, continuously check the pressure gauge and pool to avoid overinflation. It will save the pool from sudden bursts or damage. 
  • Check if your air compressor is overheating, shut it off, and allow it to cool down for 3 to 5 minutes. After that, you can again start inflating. 
  • Attach the nozzle securely with the air compressor valve to avoid any air leaks. 
  • If you find any leak in the pool, then quickly seal the leak area with temporary patches. 

Last Words

Whether you want to inflate a big family pool or a small kiddie pool, you should have a compressor to deliver high pressure. An air compressor is the best way to blow up your pools within minutes. It allows you to effectively increase or decrease the pressure to do inflation tasks. You can follow our tips to avoid any damage to the pool. If you find this guide handy, share it with your friends, relatives, & neighbors so they can enjoy the summer days. That’s All! 


Can I Use a Balloon Pump for an inflatable Pool?

Balloon pumps are of two types: electric and manual. If you are talking about the manual pump, it is not recommended because it is an extremely slow process, and you’ll get tired while inflating the pool. The pressure inside the pool will be very low, and you will not get adequate inflation. 

If you have an electric air pump, it can work, but it also inflates the pool slowly compared to the compressor. So, a better option is the air compressor, and if you don’t have it, you can go with an electric balloon pump. 

How Do You Inflate a Pool With a Hair Dryer?

Inflating the pool with a hair dryer is very easy and effective. It’s a DIY method that uses a hair dryer to blow up your pool. To blow up the pool with a hair dryer, you will need a plastic bottle, a hair dryer, box sealing tape, & a knife. 

Take a bottle that can easily fit into the hair dryer, and its top can easily contact the pool valve. Take the knife and cut the plastic bottle from the middle, ensuring it can easily fit into the dryer. 

Put the dryer into the bottle, and to make it more secure, you can tape the outside of the bottle edges with the tape. This way, the air from the dryer will not waste or leak. The hair dryer has two modes: hot air and cold air. Switch to the cold air mode because we don’t want to fill hot air in the pool. 

Now, put the top of the bottle into the pool inflatable valve and turn on the hair dryer; it will start filling the air. This will be time-consuming; you can only run hair dryers for a short time because they are not made for that purpose. You’ve to cool down the hair dryer for 4-5 minutes and again start inflating. 

This way, you can easily blow up pools with the help of a hair dryer.

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