Who Makes Farmhand Air Compressors?

Brands selling high-quality air compressors with good customer support are rare these days in the market. Some brands offer good quality compressors but don’t provide good customer support. This way, customers become unhappy with their compressor because the company is not addressing their issues. But, there is a company that backs their customers in every condition. Farmhand is a brand that has offered top-quality air compressors for years. The company targets users who want to do medium to heavy-duty tasks like running multiple pneumatic tools at a time or doing other long hours. We will discuss this brand in detail and know who makes Farmhand air compressors and how well they perform on the job site. 

History of Farmhand 

Farmhand’s main aim is to serve the agriculture industry by helping the farmers so they can easily do their jobs without any hard effort. When Farmhand was founded, the agriculture industry had little concept of advanced technology and machinery. They introduced new automated tools in the market that speed up farming activities and make farmers’ jobs relatively easier. 

Farmhand proudly manufactured grinders, hay grapples, tractors, rakes, bale grapples, and other essential tools so the farmers can give maximum output and get quick benefits. The company continued producing quality equipment and tools for the industry with good maintenance support. But, their journey was short; they stopped manufacturing products in the 1990s. 

Later, a popular agricultural tools manufacturing brand, AGCO Corporation, purchased Farmhand and started selling their products. The company maintained the quality of its products and continued winning customer hearts. 

Who Makes Farmhand Air Compressors?

Farmhand compressors are the most durable and perfect for heavy industry use. They’ve manufactured compressors from medium tank size to big tanks so users can operate pneumatic tools efficiently for a long time. At first, Farmhand manufactured their tools, including air compressors, but it was sold to AGCO Corporation in the 1990s. Afterward, AGCO Corporation manufactured Farmhand air compressors. AGCO continued its legacy and kept making Farmhand compressors for many years. After many years, the company stopped manufacturing new units because many competitors dominated the market. 

You can’t order new Farmhand compressors; you can only find used ones selling on different websites. The company manufactured 3 types of compressors depending on the tank size; you can read their names below. 

  • Farmhand 20 Gallon Air Compressor 
  • Farmhand 26 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Farmhand 60 Gallon Air Compressor

How good are Farmhand air compressors?

Farmhand designed 3 different types of compressors depending on the tank size. Compressors with 20 and 26-gallon tanks work best for operating pneumatic tools for long-hour tasks. If you are Spray painting with these units, you can use them for more hours, and when the pressure drops, the unit quickly turns ON and builds up pressure in just 2  to 3 minutes.  

Similarly, the Farmhand 60-gallon compressor performs excellently at the industry level. Its giant tank helps to operate multiple pneumatic tools simultaneously for more hours. With 11.3 SCFM at 40 psi and 10. SCFM at 90 psi, the compressor powers up the air tools so they can give an effective job. The other Farmhand 20 and 26-gallon compressors also have reasonable airflow rates. 

On the portability side, the company offers portable units that can be easily transformed into different workspaces. A 60-gallon compressor is less portable because it is heavy, big, and difficult to move to other places. 

The prices of these units also come in the normal range, less compared to other units with the same features. 

We’ve also used a Farmhand 26-gallon compressor, which performs well. Overall, we are satisfied with their smooth operations and must recommend you if you want to purchase them. 

Warranty Details

The brand Farmhand was offering a one-year limited warranty on all their products, including air compressors. Farmhand gives full support to the customer so they can use the compressor with complete confidence and without fear of any damage. 

The company says that if the unit starts malfunctioning, not building pressure properly, overheating, air leaks, or any issue a customer faces, they will be responsible for that. 

The company provides free repair to your unit; if the issue is severe, you can get a free replacement. But, the company will inspect everything and try to find the real problem with the compressor. If they find any manufacturing fault or a real issue, they will take no time to replace it. If the compressor is overused or abused by the user, the company will not do anything for them; you must contact a local professional to fix your unit. 

We loved the Farmhand warranty and its benefits; their warranty made us confident in trying the Farmhand compressor. You must choose it to perform your daily tasks, including inflating car tires, pressure washing, dust cleaning, stapling, & others. If you are a DIY enthusiast or home garage owner, it will be a great addition to your place.  


We found Farmhand to show you how much good quality air compressors are available in the market that are durable, reliable, & value for money. They are the best to do any pneumatic jobs for long hours and give a quick recovery to the tank. One bad thing about this brand is you can’t buy new Farmhand compressors because their production was stopped many years ago. Now, you can easily find quality compressors on different bidding websites. Farmhand compressors are an excellent option for construction site work, spray guns, car detailing, and other heavy-duty work. 


Where Farmhand Compressors Were Made?

Farmhand compressors are manufactured in the United States, from 20-gallon to 60-gallon units; they distribute compressors all over the United States. You can order them online and find a nearby person selling the used compressor. 

Where to find Farmhand Air Compressor Parts?

A few online stores are selling replacement parts for Farmhand compressors. Because the Farmhand brand’s compressors stopped manufacturing long ago, a small number of stores are distributing their original replacement parts. You can find the genuine parts of Farmhand compressors on Amazon, eReplacementParts, Tractor Supply & others. 

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