Who Makes Northstar Air Compressors?

DIY enthusiasts and project owners prefer a compressor that performs outstandingly, takes less maintenance, and smoothly powers up pneumatic tools. Many famous brands in the market offer compressors with these qualities so they can use them with peace of mind and without any fear of getting bad. Similarly, Northstar is one of the famous names that proudly offers excellent quality and durable air compressors.  

Who Makes Northstar Air Compressors?

Northstar is a name for quality and durability; they provide different styles of air compressors that can do light to heavy-duty jobs easily. Their compressors are perfect for operating spray guns, nailers, grinders, hammers, impact wrenches, pressure washing, sanding, & other pneumatic jobs. 

Northstar compressors are manufactured by Northern Tool + Equipment. This company was established in 1981 to serve the mechanical industry with durable and reliable power tools. Don Kotula, the founder of Northern Tool + Equipment, aims to deliver the best performance tools so customers can use them for a long time. When they start malfunctioning, the company offers free replacement or repair. That’s why they attached an extended warranty plan for every product that includes these offers of free maintenance. Northstar air compressors are great value for money, with thousands of satisfied users. 

Are Northstar Compressors Any Good? 

Northstar has served the compressor market for many years, from consistently manufacturing top-quality compressors to a highly satisfied customer base. With time, the brand innovated new things in the compressor that helped in increased performance and quality at affordable prices. We’ve highlighted the following features of Northstar compressors that will clearly show how good they are. 

Solid Motor

All the Northstar compressors have a robust high horsepower motor installed that gives increased RPMS. With more RPMs, the motor runs fast; similarly, the air pump speed doubles and automatically speeds up the pressure building inside the tank. From 1 hp to 12 hp motors, Northstar offers powerful compressors that help to run the power tools efficiently. 

Strong Air Flow & Pressure

Northstar compressors are also known for delivering high airflow and pressure rates. They have a variety of units providing an airflow rate of 2.4 CFM to 24.4 CFM and pressure of 125 psi to 175 psi. Having a compressor with these CFM rates and high pressure, you can efficiently perform light to heavy-duty tasks. 


Durability is another thing that should be considered in air compressors because durable units run for long years and have extra protection from rust. Northstar compressors are highly durable because quality cast iron is used to manufacture them. There is no need to worry about getting rust, even if they are exposed to water or rain. The cast iron prevents the rust from appearing on the tank, air pump, or any other part of the compressor. But, we recommend storing the unit in a water-free space. 

Different Styles

From horizontal to vertical, twin stack, & wheelbarrow styles, Northstar offers compressors in different styles. Depending upon the job type, Northstar designs compressors that are easily transformable and store in less space. Horizontal and vertical units are perfect options for home garages and auto shops, and twin stack and wheelbarrow are the best options for construction site works. 

Rapid Recovery Time

When you are working on a project, and the pressure drops after a while, your compressor takes too much time to recover; it becomes a headache and slows the working speed. Northstar also worked on this issue and made their compressors capable of recovering within 120 to 180 seconds so you can finish the project on time. 

Highly Portable 

Portability is the first thing everyone should see in a compressor because it helps to quickly move the compressor even if it is big or small. Northstar also offers portable units that can be easily moved from one place to another. All of their units have tires attached that make the movement easy without the help of any second person. 

Ultra Safe

Northstar compressors are ultra-safe, and there is no need to worry about thermal overload or excessive pressure building. A thermal overload protection system is installed in every unit that helps to prevent motor overheating, and the pressure relief valves help to save from overpressure building inside the tank. You can do your job without any fear. 

Warranty Details 

Being a responsible and customer-caring brand, Northstar helps its customers by providing long-term warranty plans. Northstar offers an outstanding warranty plan so the customers can use the product without stress. They offer a warranty plan of 1 to 5 years that can also be extended anytime. The warranty depends on the type of model you are purchasing; some have 1 or 2 years warranty, and some have 4 or 5 years warranty. 

A product secured with a warranty helps in many ways; it backs the product if it starts malfunctioning and not working correctly due to manufacturing defects. In this scenario, if you are a warranty holder, you can get free replacements or repairs; if your Northstar compressor has no warranty, you can’t get any free offers. You’ve to hire a professional to fix any issue in the compressor. 

If you are a non-warranty holder, then you can register the product for getting warranty offers.

You can easily apply for the warranty on the Northstar official website; they will charge you a fee, and when they verify the documents, the brand will give you the warranty timespan you’ve selected. 


Northstar is a trusted brand that manufactures durable compressors equipped with advanced technology. The company installed every modern feature to the compressor that helps in easy operations, solid performance, and long years of run time. The compressor makes usability much easier, from thermal overload protection to auto shut-off features. With high-quality build material and an extended warranty plan, you will use Northstar compressors for a long time. For pneumatic operations, they are the best units in the market. 


Where to Buy Northstar Air Compressors?

Northstar compressors are easily available in popular online stores, and you can easily purchase them. Ensure that the prices are normal compared to other competitors in the market. Also, check if the company is providing a warranty package or not. If your product has no warranty, you can Apply it. You can purchase any Northstar compressor unit from Amazon, their official Northern Tool + Equipments website, Air Compressor Direct, & others.  

Where to Get Replacement Parts of Northstar Compressors?

If your North Star compressor is not functioning properly, there may be an issue with the parts. After frequent use of the compressor for a long time, the parts require maintenance that maintains the unit’s performance. The air filter may get bad, disturbing the building and the tank pressure. So, by replacing the parts, you can again start using the compressor smoothly; the Northstar compressor replacement parts are easily available in online marketplaces like Amazon, Northern Tool + Equipment, & others with genuine quality and normal rates. 

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