Who Makes Stealth Air Compressor?

Air compressors are evolving daily and getting new features and technology that increase performance and prevent the parts from getting bad. There are high chances of burning the motor in the old compressor when doing a long-hour project. However, the newly available compressors have thermal protection that saves the motor from burning or overheating. Stealth compressors also have advanced features and durability that increase the working time and keep your extra maintenance costs. In this article, we will know who makes Stealth air compressors, their model names, performance, & warranty details, etc.

Who Makes Stealth Air Compressors?

Stealth compressors are the favorite choice of homeowners, DIYers, and contractors because they give excellent performance silent operations and are built using high-quality material. They need less maintenance because of oil-free operations, saving you from spending money on regular maintenance. Stealth compressors are the best option for residential and commercial use, but they have no unit that can be used in the heavy industry. The brand manufactures compressors with different tank sizes from 1-gallon to 20-gallon units. Stealth air compressors are manufactured by Alton Industries, a company based in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Alton has served the industry for over 50 years by manufacturing high-quality compressors, power tools, and shop vacuums. This company is also known for making durable and reliable tools. The company has continuously made good-quality Stealth compressors for years without compromising the quality. Let’s get into more details and know what type of compressor they have in the list:

Types of Stealth Air Compressors

Stealth has manufactured a variety of air compressors depending on the tank size. Here, we’ve prepared a list that includes all the compressors made by Stealth:

  • Stealth 1 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 2 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 3 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 4.5 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 10 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 12 Gallon Air Compressor
  • Stealth 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Are Stealth Air Compressors Any Good?

Choosing Stealth compressors for your projects helps in completion on time and saves you from monthly maintenance costs. From a robust high horsepower motor to a premium quality tank, they are the best in features. Let’s learn more about these compressors in detail. 


Stealth compressors are very portable and very easy to transform to other places. If you do projects at different locations, these compressors are the best choice for you. They are lightweight and can be easily picked by anyone. You can shift the compressor to any workspace with a handle on the top and two tires below. The compact size of Stealth compressors allows you to save space in your garage or worksite. 

Ultra Silent

Stealth-made compressors come equipped with ultra-quiet technology that helps get low noise level operations. They are unlike other compressors that scream and hurt your neighbors or your ears. Stealth manufactured their compressor by focusing on the noise issue, so they have all compressors that produce significantly less noise. 

With its ultra-quiet working, you can do your projects with full concentration and also talk with the team easily. Indoor project owners always try to find the most silent compressor, so Stealth will be a superb option for them. 


Durability is also one of the main features of the Stealth air compressor because a high-quality material is used to manufacture the compressor, preventing it from rusting. Durability increases the health and lifetime of a compressor, and that’s why Stealth has taken care of the build material. Their aim is that customers should use compressors for many years and not waste their money on regular repairs or replacements. 

Quick Recovery Time

Quick recovery time also matters when you’re doing a project and waiting for the unit to rebuild the pressure again. This automatically slows down the project speed and also wastes your time. Stealth compressors are also known in the market because of their quick recovery time. They have installed high horsepower motors that give more RPMS to air up the tank quickly. Usually, Stealth compressors take 2-3 minutes to reach the cutout pressure. This helps complete the project faster, and you do not have to wait long.


Products secured with a warranty give peace of mind to users who want to operate compressors for long-hour jobs. Stealth offers a limited lifetime warranty on all compressors, so whenever the unit creates any issue, you can contact the company’s support and claim for the warranty. The warranty plan includes free repairs and replacement according to specific criteria. Criteria means the compressor should not be abused or overused. Any one of the parts should be fixed, or misuse of the compressor will not help in getting free repairs. Only the compressors with genuine issues will be entertained. 

If you have a Stealth compressor not secured with a warranty, go to their website and apply for the warranty; you will get a limited lifetime warranty for your product. If you want to extend the warranty time, you can also do so, but it will charge money. Stealth cares for its customers, offering a limited lifetime product warranty. 


If you are a frequent air compressor user, there is no better option than Stealth compressors. They operate outstandingly, run pneumatic tools with full power, take less maintenance, and are available at affordable rates. The company Stealth also backs its products by providing a comprehensive warranty package. With the warranty-secured compressor, you can run it without any worries and use it for a long time. Stealth compressors are a great option if you are looking for an air compressor for your daily tasks. 


Where are Stealth Air Compressors Made?

The manufacturing plants of Stealth compressors are located in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. From the USA, these compressors are distributed worldwide and available online and physically on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. 

Where to buy Stealth Air Compressors?

You can buy Stealth compressors on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Best Buy, & their official website. You must check the price and warranty of the unit you purchase because everyone has some price difference. Some stores offer discount codes on the purchase so you can buy the compressor cheaply. 

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